From the Commandant

Marines, I could not feel be more honored than I feel right now after having been elected to serve as your Commandant for 2016-2017. Our future looks bright because the Department of California is now growing and leaning forward in the foxhole. Looking at our membership I see younger Marines, Corpsmen & FMF Chaplains willing to take the helm and keep us on course. I’m proud of that, very proud. We have a new Detachment in Oceanside that Jr Past Commandant Fernandez, SWDVC Rivers & yours truly will be presenting a Charter to 24 June. That will be 2 Detachments in the Camp Pendleton area. They should be growing leaps & bounds in the near future.

As your new Commandant I will try to visit as many Detachments as I can, in the tradition of my predecessors, which will be a challenge. You will also see a revision of the Department’s Regional Coordinator program, which JPC Fernandez has agreed to supervise., and a thorough review of the duties of the Staff, all with an eye to better serve the “red hats”-YOU!

Don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the staff with your positive ideas. I guarantee we’ll review every suggestion & see if it will work.

Enough for now. Stay well & Semper Fi!

PDD Bob Villalobos
MCL Dept of California

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