SW Div NVC Message


When our officers and members inquire about MCL business that involve national programs, policy/protocol, incorporation/history, structure changes, bylaw changes, etcetera, please refer them to the need of periodically going to our national web site. This will give them the most recent information necessary for evaluation instead of the spreading of unfounded rumors, by disgruntled whiners that sometimes occur, and most of all it gives us all the opportunity to review current and necessary data to be passed on.

Please insure that the above information and National Marine Corps League web address is forwarded to our membership for improved communication between, and for, us all. This also applies to our Division, Department, and Detachment web sites.

National Commandant Message

Semper Fidelis,

Gene Rivers
National Vice Commandant
Southwest Division

(530) 677-8904 (H) (530) 409-0043 (C)

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