From National Convention

Marines, FMF Corpsmen & Chaplains, I salute you and was honored to represent you at the National Convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma this year. It was a very active and very busy convention , with numerous by-law changes discussed and enacted on. All the changes were posted on both the National & Department websites very shortly after they were acted on. I encourage all of you to check them out, as some are major changes to the way we do business. I won’t go into detail as what I consider one of the more important changes regarding the membership renewal date because further guidance on that change will be promulgated by National very soon, and I don’t want to confuse anyone. Just watch for more info.
I strongly encourage each Detachment try to send at least one representative to the spring conference in Santa Rosa 14-15 October. By then we may have all the details and info on the above change(s) and will also have some important items up for discussion by the members present. We’ll also have a good time, at least that’s a promise Steve Bosshard, Santa Rosa’s conference coordinator, has made.
I had the privilege recently of visiting three outstanding Detachments, Victor Valley, San Fernando, and Eureka. SWDVC Gene Rivers was with me on the first two and Jr Vice Commandant Matt Valenzuela met us in San Fernando. Sr. Vice Commandant Ray Valenzuela was with me in Eureka. I’ll tell you that all three are very active and involved and were very receptive. God willing I plan to try and visit more Detachments during the year.
California Leaguers, I salute you! Keep up the good work. Remember, “make it fun & they will come.”
PDD Bob Villalobos
Commandant, Dept of Califirnia, MCL

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