Paymaster Message

Marines and Associate Members,

I just emailed the 30 September rosters to all of the paymasters and commandants that I have email addresses for.  If you are a paymaster or commandant and did not receive it, please send me an email as I probably do not have your email address.  National will no longer be mailing them to the individual detachments.

All detachments are required to have their Federal 990 and State 199 taxes filed by 15 November.  I have already received copies from many of you.  If you still haven’t done them, you need to do so soon, and send me copies.  I am required to report to National who has complied.

You also need to send me your life member certifications.  This is how you get payments from National for your life members.  Use your 30 June roster and the Commandant and Paymaster need to sign the last page certifying all of your life members are correct.  I must forward these to National prior to 30 December to be entitled to the payments.

The Department Commandant is planning on having break out classes at the next Department Convention which will be next June in Simi Valley hosted by Detachment 597.  One of the classes will be for paymasters.  If you are a paymaster or would just like to get the information consider attending. 

More information regarding the convention will be posted on the website.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Semper Fi,

Gail Fernandez, Paymaster
Department of California
8921 Hollowstone Way
Sacramento, CA  95828