I know that this is an extremely busy time for all of the Detachments with Toys-For-Tots and various other seasonal humanitarian activities. Add in the family holiday events and there is little time for much else (except some football). I hope all of you had a nice Thanksgiving and that you will have a wonderful Christmas.

The October fall Conference was a rousing success. Santa Rosa is a great venue and PDD Steve Bosshard, as usual, did an outstanding job as host and coordinator. Steve always comes through in true Marine Corps style. OORAH! Also a great Pack Growl, with advancements to DD and a WWII veteran to PDD. (If you’re not a Devil Dog you wouldn’t understand).

The next events in 2017 will be the Marine Expo West at Camp Pendleton in February, the MCL’s Midwinter Conference in Virginia in March, and the Department of California’s Spring Conference in Clovis, CA in March. I encourage all of you to try to attend one of these activities, especially the Department Spring Conference. This is where your input for our future is solicited and discussed. All the info for these activities are on the Department website, which I know you are using or you wouldn’t be reading this letter, or on the National website, which is linked from the homepage.

Until next year, Marines, FMF Corpsmen & Chaplains and Associates: Semper Fi and Happy Holidays!

PDD Bob Villalobos

Commandant, Department of Californis

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