Paymaster Report

Marines and Associate Members,
So the 2017 Convention is in the history books and it was a great success. Many thanks to the Simi Valley Detachment for hosting a memorable event. I had a great time as did my husband Jess. He won a club in the golf tournament for the longest drive – Sacramento to Simi Valley, LOL.
There were some major changes voted on by the membership. Effective 9/1/2017, Department dues are increasing to $11.00. Detachments should look at what their current membership dues are and if necessary consider raising them. However, you may want to wait until after the National convention in August, to make sure they do not raise National dues also.
The membership also voted to reduce the number of conferences held each year. There will now only be one conference and one convention per year. This year the fall conference has been cancelled. This was done for cost saving purposes. There will be a spring conference in San Fernando and the 2018 Convention will be held in Clovis. Information will be posted on the website for these events.
I hosted a paymaster’s class during the convention and it was very informative for those who attended as well as myself. We bounced a lot of information off of each other regarding all the changes going on. The paymaster’s manual has been updated and will be posted on the website.
A few reminders for everyone, the tax year is now closed so you should be preparing to file your taxes. They must be filed by 15 November. Be sure to send me copies of your 990 & 199. Your RRF goes to the Judge Advocate. The June rosters should be out soon, this will be the roster that you use to verify your life members. If you have questions about this refer to the paymaster’s manual.
And lastly, I frequently get questions regarding contact information for Department officers and staff. Usually whatever is being asked can be found on the Department website – Please take advantage of this valuable information. For those of you who don’t know me personally, I still work full time and sometimes it takes me a while to return your emails. Thank you all for your patience.
As always feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Semper Fi,
Gail Fernandez, Paymaster
Department of California
8921 Hollowstone Way
Sacramento, CA 95828

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