National Convention Report


Commandant’s Council:

  • Members At Large (MAL) Detachments can request a list of MALs from National by contacting the membership department and providing the zip codes of the area covered by the Detachment. Some Departments have established separate Detachments of MALs. This will be discussed further at Midwinter.
  • MCL apps are being developed for I-Phones & Androids. Look for updates on this from National.
  • All forms are now online and can be filled out & submitted. Dues will not be payable online because the dues for Departments and Detachments vary, creating numerous issues that will require further discussion.
  • “Semper Fi” will have an extensive article about the MCL and PTS programs.
  • “E Blasts” will be utilized to spread the word via e-mail to all those in the database.

General Meeting:

  • Title of the Executive Director changed to Chief Operating Officer (COO). New COO Bob Borka introduced and gave a presentation as to the status of the League. The MCL is now rated “Platinum” by “Guidestar”, which rates non-profits based on their finances and operating costs as related to the services provided.
  • RUST insurance now has their forms online to better serve the Detachments.
  • A video clip is now in effect as an opener whenever the National website is acquired. Shows the transitional from an active Marine to an active Leaguer.
  • The major changes to the National By-Laws were postponed until the 2018 Convention in Buffalo, NY. The changes that were ready were not posted by 1 May as required by the By-Laws and the By-Law Committee decided that much more work was needed in order to have all the changes to both the By-Laws and Administrative Procedures addressed at the same time. Most of the work should be completed for initial review by the Midwinter Conference in March 2018 and will be posted by 1 May 2018.
  • National will act aggressively to ensure that all Departments and Detachments are in full compliance with all applicable Federal and State legal requirements between now and the 2018 Convention.
  • Election of National Officers: Wendell W. Webb was elected National Commandant, Dennis Tobin National Sr. Vice Commandant and Johnny Baker, National Jr. Vice Commandant, all unanimously. In a three-candidate contested election, Warren Griffin was elected National Judge Advocate with a majority on the first ballot. Congratulations to all!

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