Region 2 Fires


Much of region 2 is in flames and many of us know of people who are or will be in need of assistance.  Please remember your fellow Marines who have lost homes or loved ones in this tragedy that we find ourselves in.  Look for ways to assist and remember your “Brothers” who are in need.

In Detachment 686 alone, so far, we have two or three members who have lost everything as their homes have been burned to the ground.  I’ve seen the home site of our JA and his neighborhood looks like an “atomic bomb” was detonated.  He will obviously need assistance in rebuilding/replanting and site cleanup.  While I’m sure that insurance will cover much of that, it won’t cover everything.  Fortunately the loss of life has been minimal.  In the 4 counties surrounding the northern parts of region 2, as of yesterday, there are 10 confirmed deaths with many more missing.

In the meantime, these friends and brothers will be living “who knows where or how” and assistance that probably won’t be covered by insurance will be needed.  Be ready to support them with food, hot meals, a place to stay (if possible), immediate cash, emotional support and work parties when needed.  Above all else, remember them and their families in your prayers.


Semper Fidelis,


Jim Loorya
Region 2 Coordinator
Department of California


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