Commandant’s Letter to Membership

Semper Fi Marines and Navy Corpsmen & Chaplains, happy 242cnd birthday! I hope all of you find yourselves in good health. So far, I’m doing OK in spite of my advanced years & aches & pains related to that inevitable condition. Lucky to get this far along, I suppose I should have taken better care of myself in my earlier years. Enough about me.

Many of our Brothers & Sisters and their families have been negatively affected by what seem to be relentless natural occurrences like hurricanes and floods in Texas , Florida and Puerto Rico and fires in California, as well as not-so-natural tragedies such as murders & mayhem in New York, Nevada and now a small community church in Texas.  These really test our patience and resolve, and sometimes our faith.

We must try, as difficult as it is, to take these events in stride and keep in mind that, as Marines, we will meet the tests that try us and do what needs to be done. Adapt and overcome! And don’t forget to pray. Especially for those affected. Here in California we have fellow Marines that have lost homes in the terrible Napa Valley area fires, especially Santa Rosa Detachment 686 and Commandant Jim Loorya. They have devised a plan to vet those that may need assistance and some other Detachments and the Department have offered to aid when asked. (see link on homepage). Look for updates as events unfold.

As you all are aware by now the Department did not have a Fall Conference this year. This was adopted at the June Department Convention in Simi Valley last June, after much discussion and with reservation, primarily for financial reasons. As it worked out the tragic fires would have affected attendance negatively at any rate. I hope we can see our way to resume that Fall Conference in the future. The Spring Conference is still scheduled, however, and it looks like it will be a very productive and, hopefully, enjoyable one. More info is on the Department web page.

I intend to go to Marine Expo West at Camp Pendleton and the Southwest Division Conference in Oceanside in February 2018, as well as the National Midwinter Conference in Fredericksburg, VA in March 2018. At that Conference National intends to have the new National By-Laws drafted and ready for discussion so that they will be adopted at the National Convention in Buffalo, NY in August. Those changed by-laws will be a main topic of discussion at our Spring Conference later that month and will be discussed with guidance for action by our delegates in August 2018.

I think that’s enough for now. Stay well and Semper Fi !


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