We are now only fourteen days away from the 87th Department of California Convention in San Diego.  I can assure you that, based on the hard work that Commandant Todd Rehfuss and members of the San Diego “World Famous” Bulldogs Detachment #835 put into it, it will be a very memorable event.

And of course, the 2019 MODD Grand Growl will be on Friday night.  Always well attended and fun. Thanks to Worthy Pack Leader PDD Aaron Bazan and Pack Officers.

I would like to highlight a few things that will take place during the convention.

Like at any convention, nominations and election of Officers for 2020 will be in order. The officers you elect will be those that will represent the Marine Corps League, Department of California.  It is paramount that you give thought to those that you might have in mind to be your officers.  As your Commandant, I can see more aggressive officers coming in; highly motivated with work ethic and highly skilled in technology.  The days of the dial phone are out! For those of you that are planning to run for any of the positions, understand what the job description entails and its responsibilities.  The success of the department depends on the “Knowledge and Teamwork” concept.

At the Spring Conference, under new business, reinstating the Fall Conference was discussed.  A survey was posted on the Department website.  I hope you had a chance to look at it and mark your choice.  Should it be brought back?  All Detachments, if it is, give thought on whether your detachment would like to sponsor the Fall Conference.  In the past, it has been held in October.

In closing, I look forward to seeing you all, SAFE TRAVELS and


Semper Fi


Ray Valenzuela, Commandant
Department of California

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