Good Morning:
It is my pleasure that I announce that Elena Gamboa has agreed to be the next Adjutant for the Department of California effective immediately. I know most of you know Elena but for those who don’t, she was Adjutant prior to Jessica.
I also want to thank Jessica Montero for the many years she has given to this job and for the great job she has done. As many of you who were at the meeting last week in Clovis, she explained how busy she is and how dedicated she is with the Toys for Tots campaign. She knows that if she ever needs anything, all she needs to do is ask.
I know how much Jessica and also Elena love the MODD, so I am hopeful to see Jessica at the many Growls that will be coming up in the future.
Semper Fi,
Dick Jennings
Department of California
Marine Corps League

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