Detachment Bylaw Update




Date:  12 Jan 2020

From:  John Kagy

Subject:  Detachment Bylaw Update


Marines, by now you should be or have updated your bylaws to reflect the 2018 and 2019 Bylaw updates from National.  Most of you are aware that there are some changes that should be made to the Department Bylaws.  However, except for National changes, our Calif. Department Bylaws forbid us from making changes until the Department Convention in June.  The 2018 and 2019 national bylaw changes really did not affect the Department Bylaws.  Therefor focus on the National changes.

We are in the process of talking about developing a filing system using the Cloud System which will allow us to safeguard all Department files.  The system will have certain safeguards that will allow the authorized individual to handle their function only.  For example:  The Paymaster files will not be available to anyone unless authorized by the paymaster or Commandant.  The Department Commandant will have the master key and can designate who uses a file who cannot.

When you get your Bylaws updated and approved by your detachment membership, please send me a e-mail copy of the new set of bylaws so that I can save them on my drive.  At the same time I plan of using a small group of members who are part of my team to review your new bylaws.  Three set of eyes will be more effective in catching items that need correction than only one set of eyes.

I would like to remind everyone that 990N and 199N’s have been filed.  We have a couple detachments who have had the tax exempt status suspended since the failed to file their 990N’s and 199N’s.  Don’t forget the ROI’s to be sent to the Department Adjutant and Department Paymaster.  I would like a copy also.

Please remember if you have a raffle that it must be registered with the State of Calif. on form CT-NRP-l and that 90%of the proceeds must be outgoing.  Once you have gotten a letter from the State letting you know you are exempt.  The Form must be filed before 15 November.  The Form Si-100 must be filed with the Secretary of State.  This needs to be updated when you have a change of agent for serice.  One other item:  Would a quarterly update from the Department be of interest to your detachment?  Send me a e-mail on this subject to

I will be looking forward to meeting with you at the Department Conference in March.

Semper Fi,

John F. Kagy
Dept. Judge Advocate

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