Spring Conference Canceled

Cancelation of the MCL Dept. of California March Fall Conference

The Marine Corps League Department of California has canceled the March 26 – 28, 2020 Spring Conference which was to be held in Van Nuys, CA.  This came on the heels of a spreading of the Covid-19 or as commonly referred to, the Corona Virus.

As of Friday, March 13, the number of cases of this Flu virus has rapidly risen in the US and California.   Currently, 247 cases have been reported in California, 1700 in the USA and more importantly 40 reported cases in Los Angeles County.  This has led to: CA Governor Newsom asking for any gatherings in CA of 250 or more to be cancelled; LA Mayor Garcetti requesting County of LA meetings involving 50 or more people to be canceled; at least 2 weeks of LA County school closings; the closing of Disneyland for about a month and the cancellation of Cruise Line voyages for at least two months; numerous Sporting events in the US to be either cancelled or closed to the public and many more meeting and activity cancellations.

Without sounding like an alarmist, I convened a meeting of the MCL Dept. of California Board of trustees so that I could raise the issue of our March Meeting in Las Angeles County and to determine what if any our next steps should be.  This came after receiving numerous emails, text messages, phone calls and a conversation with the with the MCL COO Bob Borka who told me to follow my gut.  After that he also told me of several groups and meetings in the East Coast that he knew about that had to cancel so as to ensure that the respective organizations members were protected.

In convening the “Virtual” Department Board meeting, I also included several Officers from our Department.  We discussed the pros and cons of both canceling and continuing the March meeting.  At the end of some concerned and well thought out debate/discussion, we took a vote of the Board of Trustees.  The outcome of the vote was a majority in favor of canceling the March function and continuing to plan for our June Convention.

Bottom Line:     March 26-28 Fall Conference Cancelled.     June 18 – 20 Annual Convention still in the planning and a GO!

One final thought……for those of you have made reservations at the Airtel Plaza and Conference Center in Van Nuys with dates surrounding the Spring Conference, you may want to call the hotel and cancel your reservations.  The Reservation Desk may be reached at:  800-224-7835 or 818-997-7676 and refer to: Block code: DO323.

I hope you will understand why we felt compelled to come to this conclusion and I’m sorry for any inconvenience the decision may have caused you personally.  Be assured that this unprecedented decision was not made lightly, but out of concern for the group as a whole.

Semper Fidelis,

Jim Loorya, Commandant
MCL Department of California

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