Video Conference Minutes

Special Video-conference of the Department of California Marine Corps League

Was held, Saturday, May 9, 2020, at 1100 via Zoom.

Trustees and staff officers present, Commandant Jim Loorya, Senior Vice Commandant Juan Pascacio, Junior Vice Commandant JT Bikul, Judge Advocate John Kagy, Junior Past Commandant Ray Valenuela, Chief of Staff Todd Rehfuss, Paymaster Gail Fernandez, Adjutant Elena Gamboa, Chaplain Henry Rose, Web Sergeant Mark Dennis.

Regional Coordinators and guests present Matthew Smith, Butch Kille, Jess Fernandez, Max Hartley, Neal Schneider, Sam Castrellon, Russ Lindquist, Jim Jones, Fred Buchman, Mike Bellmessieri, Jack Corrie.

Commandant Loorya reported on daily emails from COO Bob Borka (HQMCL), on National Convention coming up on 2nd week of August 2020.

Commandant Lorrya and Senior Vice Pascacio reported on the database status.

Adjutant Gamboa reported on ROI status and discussed detachments closing or closed (Enclosure 1).

Paymaster Fernandez discussed National’s plan to do automatic payments for PLM to each detachment.

Commandant Loorya and Fred Buchman discussed the status of the current scheduled Department MCL Convention in Folsom. After much discussion motion was made by Jack Corrie and seconded by JT Bikul to “move Department convention from June 2020 to 2nd week of October 2020”. Motion was passed with exact dates to be determined.

Judge Advocate Kagy reported on the 2020 Emergency Plan for Elections and Installations for the Department of California and California detachments (Enclosure 2 & 3)

Future Conventions/Conferences. After much discussion it was agreed to switch from Spring Conferences to Fall Conferences. Motion made by JT Bikul and 2nd by Ray Valenzuela to “switch from Spring Conferences in March to Fall Conferences in October. Motion passed.

2020 Convention October 2020 hosted by W.H. Nichols Detachment. 2021 Convention June 2021 host to be determined. 2021 Fall Conference host to be determined. 2022 Convention June 2022 host Elk Grove Detachment, maybe?

Judge Advocate Kagy discussed potential bylaws and suggestions for detachments to attend the Department Conferences and/or Conventions.

Adjourn at 1250

Respectfully submitted
Elena Gamboa, Adjutant


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