2020 Installation

To whom it may Concern,

The MCL Department of California will hold its installation of officers for the 2020/2021 term of office. The installation will occur on Saturday morning at 1100 hours via Zoom conference. If we don’t have your email address or if you did not vote in the election, then you probably have received a notification of the installation. 

If you wish to attend this Zoom conference/installation, you may get a password/Zoom Conf. ID from Todd Rehfuss.  Todd May be contacted at  todd_rehfuss@hotmail.com
In order to obtain the required information to attend the Installation, you must contact Todd by email no later than at 0800 hrs on Saturday, 9/12/20.    

Hope to see you there!

Semper Fi,

Jim Loorya
Dept. of Calif. - S/W Div. 

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