Det 1238 Challenge Coin

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This past November 10th at a luncheon celebrating the 241st birthday of the United States Marine Corps, Elk Grove Detachment 1238 unveiled their Challenge Coin and presented it to a small number of members that so generously donated time, money and ideas to make the coin a reality.

The Challenge Coin has a long standing tradition of symbolizing unit identity and esprit de corps.  Bearing their revered symbols and motto’s the coin can be traced as far back as the Civil War when men would take with them, into battle, a special coin from home and keep forever as a remembrance of their wartime experiences.

These coins identify the bearer as a member of a particular unit with a well-defined history and mission.  The Challenge Coin shares its popularity with all branches of the military as well with local fire and police departments.  It expresses a unique identity and builds camaraderie and symbolizes pride of membership in an elite group.

Wherever warriors gather they challenge one-another by “coining.”  Slamming one’s coin on the bar challenges others to display their coin.  The last one to do so, or the one that has no coin must pay a penalty.  Usually buying a round for the group.


A Challenge Coin is not merely a token.  It is a tangible source of pride for America’s warriors at every level of command.

Robert Hale

Jr. Vice Commandant

Elk Grove Detachment 1238

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Michael Slater Burial

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Hello All,

This Friday the Marine Corps League W.H. Nichols Detachment #940 will be laying to rest Michael Slater at the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery in Dixon. The services will be at 10:30 Am. All are invited to attend. Mike was loved by all and was a member of most of the veteran groups at the hall.

We will meet back at the hall at 1:30 pm for a reception with food and refreshments.

If your group is able it would be kind if you could help with the food with a $100.00 donation. Linda Tully is coordinating the food and the checks can be made out to her.

Please forward this information to your groups and thank you in advance for your attendance.

Semper Fidelis

Brigt I Skjerpe
Marine Corps League Folsom
W.H. Nichols Detachment #940

Folsom Veterans Hall
1300 Forrest Street
Folsom, California 95630

916-677-7799 Cell

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597 Memorial Service

Matt Valenzuela : August 17, 2016 05:41 : Detachment

We recently had a short-notice Memorial Service for Korean War Veteran, Cpl John Patrick Schell,
USMC, at the Museum of Military History.

Due to friends and relatives coming from different parts of the USA, Wednesday, 10 August, was the
day picked when the different groups could get together. There was no church available
to them for at least two or three weeks, so we offered them the Museum or the VFW Post in Simi Valley.

After a few calls were made, and emails sent, the Memorial Service began to come together.
Unfortunately, three members of the Color/Honor Guard were in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the MCL
National Convention 2016, so luckily, the Memorial Service was indoors, so there was no need
for a Rifle Detail.

The family was very pleased with the plan that came together and sent their ‘Thank You’ to everyone
who came forth and participated at the Memorial Service. There were forty friends and relatives present
to honor a Fallen Hero.

Jill Boucher – Arranged the setting at the Museum
Nigel ‘Tony’ Boucher – Hosted the Memorial Service
Ken ‘Doc’ Honaker – Honor Guard – Flag Folding Detail
Bob Martinez – Detachment Bugler, played Taps
Dave Opfer – Honor Guard – Flag Folding Detail
Ruy Pena – Color Guard Commander, co-ordinated the Honor Guard Detail

Jim and Catharine, I was at the Convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma as well, so I could not attend.
Our condolences on your loss.

Thanks, Everybody!

Semper Fidelis,

Matt E. Valenzuela | Commandant
C: 310-308-7015 |O: 310-768-2847

President Ronald Reagan Detachment. 597
Marine Corps League |

The MCL is a non-profit organization within the provisions of the Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c) (4), with a special group exemption letter which allows for contributions to the Marine Corps League that may be tax deductible by the donor.

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Detachment 597 Honor Guard

mclcadmin : May 24, 2016 19:20 : Detachment

This past Saturday, the President Ronald Reagan Detachment 597 Color/Honor Guard performed military honors, including flag-folding services for Army warrior, Macon Orrin Boykin at the Elks Lodge in Thousand Oaks.

Carl Lanterman had called to arrange the service and the following Marines heard the call. Thanks to all from
all those present at Macon’s funeral service and celebration of Life.

Thanks to:

Ramon Arevalo
John Coley
Larry Fischer
Fausto Galvan
Ken ‘Doc’ Honaker
Bob Martinez
John Miller
Jack Parfitt
Ben Pfister



Matt E. Valenzuela | Commandant
President Ronald Reagan Detachment. 597

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Det 597 Report

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The General Meeting on 07 April 2016 was a very interesting and very
busy evening at the MCL Det 597 meeting at the Elks Lodge.

We had Financial Advisor, Jim Spach give his presentation and stayed
after to answer questions from the members. We had a lot of action
from the floor with everybody meeting new people and interacting with
each other….the 597 is growing with many quality people.
Keep it going folks!

The 597 would like to welcome aboard the following new
Members and Associates:
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