1. I am the Chaplain for MCL Detachment Bill King 019 of Modesto and one of our members just passed on to his last duty station. I filled out the form on the state website but saw no way to submit it electronically. Who and where should I mail it? I also tried to send it by email to Chaplain Rose and hopefully this will take care of the issue.

  2. Webmaster,

    I have the flyer for the Spring 2019 Conference.

    Please load into Website for early awareness.

    How do I get a PDF emailed to you.


  3. I noticed in the current Semper Fi Magazine, June, 2020, that Ernie Peddicord passed away in Oregon. He was Dept. of California Commandant 2002-2004. R.I.P., Ernie

    Rob Jackson, Past Dept Commandant 2010-2013.

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