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How do we create a detachment website?

There are many ways to create a web site, so this will be just some general suggestions:
Start with a domain name that identifies the detachment, such as detachment_name.org or involve the detachment number as in det-xxxx.com.

  • Domain names can be researched and purchased at many registrars, such as register.com, godaddy.com, namecheap.com, 1and1.com or domains.google.
    • As part of the configuration you’ll need to enter DNS information that points to where the site is hosted. This can be updated later after you have a host.
  • Next you need a place to put the web site, called hosting.  In most cases that can be done at the same site where you get the domain name.

Once that is all finished you’ll have a place to actually create the site.

For creating the site, you can

  • use tools at the hosting company
    • These can be sufficient for relatively simple sites
  • use Wix, Weebly or WordPress, or any of many other programs
    • many are free and there may be videos and tutorials to help learn how to use them
  • Hire someone to build it for you
    • This can be expensive, but it can be much easier than the learning process of doing it yourself


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How do we update our detachment information on the web site?
For the detachment list, make sure your ROI is updated and submitted to the Department Adjutant.

For the detachment locator, please email any changes to admin@mclcal.com.
What’s the difference between “Events” and “Calendar?”
Events and Calendar are two ways to look at the same information.
Events shows everything scheduled in a list format in date order. An exception would be on the main page where only the next 5 events are listed.
Calendar is initially a standard 1 month display (from 28 to 31 days at a time), but can also be changed to a weekly or daily display by clicking on the icon at the top right - you can also switch back to the Events view there.

How do we start our own detachment

Check for detachments in your area
Here is a page that covers starting a detachment

Here are some of the basics:

Selecting a Detachment Name
A new Detachment cannot be named in honor of a living person. No Detachment shall select a name being used by any other Detachment in the League. It is suggested the group consider submitting a first choice and a second choice for a name selection prior to contacting the Department Commandant. If the Detachment is to be named in honor of a deceased Marine, they MUST receive written permission from the family to use the name.

Membership Dues
The National Budget; Finance Committee annually recommends the dues fees for approval by the Marine Corps League Convention Delegates assembled. At this time, the MCL Dues are:

National Dues: Annual dues – $20.00
New members one-time initiation fee – $5.00
Department Dues: as set by the Departments
Detachment Dues: as set by the Detachments.

MCL member will be considered delinquent if their annual dues are not received at National HQ by their due date and will be carried for only one (1) year in a delinquent status before being dropped from the MCL membership roll.

Basic Information
MCL Bylaws specify a minimum of 20 eligible members are required for membership to form a new Detachment. If current members of the Marine Corps League are charter members the Transfer Form must be included with the transmittal and charter application. The Detachment can request a waiver to start with 16, if there is potential to reach 20 within a year.

MCL Bylaws (2 copies) will be mailed with each approved Charter. The Commandant & the Judge Advocate usually are issued the two free copies. They should be identified as Detachment Property and turned over to new incoming Officers.

The Detachment Charter (or a copy), the National Colors and a Bible are to be displayed at all business meetings.

Each Detachment may adopt local Bylaws, which are not inconsistent with National Bylaws and shall be subject to approval by Department and National Judge Advocates.

Detachment members select officers, both elected and appointed, as they desire. They MUST elect a Commandant, a Senior Vice Commandant, a Junior Vice Commandant and a Judge Advocate. Members either elect or appoint a Chaplain, Adjutant, Paymaster, (or Adjutant/Paymaster), Sgt-at-Arms, and such other officers as they deem necessary.

Each Detachment MUST become incorporated within two years of receiving a Charter. (Copy of Incorporation papers must be filed with Department and National HQ). The bylaws indicate a penalty fee to be assessed for failure to comply. Each Detachment may fix the minimum number of members required to be present for the transaction of official business (This shall be stated in their Detachment Bylaws). Each Detachment must obtain and EIN (Employer Identification Number) forwarding the number to National Headquarters to be added to the Group Exemption. Each Detachment must file an annual 990 with the IRS. Any Detachment not filing the required 990 is subject to revocation of their charitable status per IRS regulations. Each Detachment may fix the number of meetings to be held annually in their bylaws. Example: monthly, quarterly, etc. It is recommended the Detachment set a specific time and date monthly.

The MCL does have uniform regulations, but uniforms are not required. The Marine Corps League uniform is the Red cover (hat), with the Marine Corps enlisted emblem. Additional uniforms are defined in Enclosure 3 of the National Bylaws and Administrative Procedures.

The Detachment sets the Annual Due to be paid by the membership. These dues must include the annual assessment fee of $20.00 to National and the fee assessed by the Department. There is a one-time additional $5.00 administration fee, for new members.

The membership votes on and approves the amount of dues for the Detachment. It is recommended the detachment bylaws explain how much the Detachment dues are and as to how the fee can be changed.

Semper Fidelis,

Bob Borka
Chief Operating Officer
Headquarters Marine Corps League


  1. Are there any rules governing burial details for the MCL? Uniform for said detail? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    George W. Smith
    Sr Vice Commandant
    General JC Breckinridge
    Detachment 010

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