2019 National Convention Rooms

Jloorya : August 14, 2018 04:59 : JrVice, Main, National

Beginning at 0800 Mountain time on Monday, August 20, the Billings hotel and convention center will accept calls for reservations for the 2019 Marine Corps league convention To be held in Billings Montana.
The rooms usually sell out within 24 to 48 hours, and only 250 rooms will be held for the national convention.
August 4-10, 2019 will be the dates. Supreme Growl will be that Wednesday. DD to PDD training will begin on Sunday with elevation Ceremonies on that Wednesday.
My recommendation is to call 1-800-537-7286 early and often.
Pass this information on to anyone that you know will be attending/ elevating to PDD who [may not see] this post.
Semper Fi, Jim L.

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Discharge Upgrade Tool

Matt Valenzuela : May 11, 2018 19:33 : JrVice
“The military has estimated that tens of thousands of Veterans with Less than Honorable Discharge
are especially likely to have unjust discharges deserving of upgrades.  These are Veterans who were
discharged due to incidents relating to PTSD, TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY, OR SEXUAL ORIENTATION.  Fragmented and confusing information has historically deterred Veterans from obtaining crucial information and in many cases, NECESSARY BENEFITS!”
Jr Vice Commandant
Marine Corps League
Department of California
310-768-2847 Office  0800-1800 Mon-Fri
310-308-7015 Mobile 0700-2000 Mon-S


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JR Vice Commandant Message

Matt Valenzuela : April 15, 2018 19:15 : JrVice

Fellow Marines, Corpsmen, and Associates,

At the MCL Spring Conference, I spoke a bit about what it takes to recruit and retain new members to the Marine Corps League.  I talked about a proven method that has been working for eons. It is as simple as talking to people that you see around town, wearing either a T-shirt or a baseball cap that has Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard emblazoned on it.  I also mentioned placing a business card or a recruiting flyer on the windshield or driver’s window of any vehicle displaying any service icon or bumper sticker.  Attending street fairs and going to places where Veterans congregate was another option.

I may have mentioned several other things; we all know what has to be done, but the main problem is going out and doing it.  Several Marines came to me and said that they had tried everything that I had mentioned and it did not work for them.  Their Detachment needs members or the Detachment will cease to exist so they need a foolproof way of growing their Detachment.  New ways have to be implemented, like using the social media, the internet, yada, yada, yada.

For a while, I wondered how behind the times I must be but decided to set out and use the old proven method of “talking to people”.  I invited 14 people to attend the next 597 meeting in April.  Know from the very onset, that not everyone you invite is going to show up. Not at the next meeting, the next one or the one after that!  It took me one year to get Ben Pfister to finally attend his first meeting and look at him now. Ben is a very productive member of the 597.  He has served as Adjutant, Ship Store Captain, and now is the Poundkeeper of the Ventura County Devil Dogs…and Ben has further aspirations to gain a position with the MODD at the State level.

To prove to myself that using the old proven method of talking to people still works, in spite of the internet, of the 14 people that I invited to our April meeting, here is the result.

Members of the 597 sponsored by Matt E. Valenzuela, Past Commandant April 2018
1. Ivone Quintero-Cagnacci, Marine, became a regular member
2. Jeffrey Cagnacci, Marine, became a regular member
3. John Calderon, Past Commander of DAV Chapter 55 became an Associate4.
4. Wendy Calderon will wait until she is through school to become an Associate
5. Doug Bamforth, fellow Chaplain of VFW Post 10049 became an Associate
6. Jo LeFevre Bamforth, Auxiliary member, VFW Post 10049 became an Associate
7. Paul Lopez, Veterans Chair at the VA, became an Associate

This means that 7 people said ‘yes’ to my invitation and 7 people said ‘no thanks” at
this time.  Some people may fear “rejection”, being told “No, thanks!” and quit inviting people after the first ‘No’.  So it may be a personal thing and not the “old method” that doesn’t work. Out of 61 people at our April meeting, 18, or 29.5% were personally sponsored by yours truly using the “old method” of talking to people.

I wrote this article not to brag and not to complain, but to prove to myself and to the ‘naysayers’ that the things we already know how to do and have in our head, work, but they have to be implemented.

Matt E. Valenzuela
Jr Vice Commandant
Marine Corps League
Department of California

310-768-2847 Office  Mon-Fri 0800-1800
310-308-7015 Mobile Mon-Sat 0700-2000
Sunday – Fo’get about it.

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Marine Memorial

Matt Valenzuela : July 15, 2017 15:30 : JrVice, Veterans

No automatic alt text available.

Thanks to Mardu Lydick, Chapter Director of Pets for Vets for sending in the above info.

Matt E. Valenzuela

310-768-2847 Office
310-308-7015 Mobile


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Marine & Families Picnic

Matt Valenzuela : July 10, 2017 18:31 : JrVice


Who said there is no free lunch?
All Marine and Families Picnic
Moffet Field
Sunday, September 17, 2017
10 AM
The Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Northern California will be hosting a free Bar B Que for Marines of all Eras and their families. There is no cost to attend.
Enter the former NAS Moffet Field at the Ellis Gate (South Gate) and proceed to the picnic area. Photo ID wil be required.
The council will be requesting volunteers to assist with clean up after the event.

Semper Fi, 
Matt E. Valenzuela
Jr Vice Commandant
Department of California

310-768-2847 Office
310-308-7015 Mobile
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