Marines Helping Marines

Marine For Life (M4L) program was initiated by Commandant of the Marine Corps. It is formulated to assist the transitioning Marine to go from Active Duty Marine to civilian.  It is a program of Marines helping Marines.

The Commandant’s Marine For Life program has assembled and developed the Marine Corps Network to support and improve assistance to our 27,000 Marines leaving active service each year, and reemphasize the value of honorable service. Once a Marine, Always a Marine is part of our Marine Corps ethos inextricably linked to our official motto of Semper Fidelis.  M4L will strengthen and advance our ethos and ensure that no Marine who honorably wore the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor is lost to the Marine Corps Family.

To contact a M4L office, please use the link to the city that’s closest to you from the list below:

If you are not from California, you may contact: