Marine West Expo
February 6thand 7th
Area 22 Parade Deck
Camp Pendleton, CA

Accommodations outside Main Gate:
Days Inn
1501 Carmelo Dr
Oceanside, CA 92054

Single Room $65 per night
Double Room $75 per night

Available dates: February 5th-8th

From the COO…
We are making preparations for the Marine West Expo at Camp Pendleton, CA.
To get the MCL registered for Marine West Expo, I need a list of all our attendees.The list needs to include:
– First Name
– Last Name
– Do you have a DOD ID (retired military)?
– Driver’s License Number
– State DL Issued
– Date of Birth.
Bob Borka


I talked to Marine Ebright regarding the registration process. To simplify the process, please send the required information to me by January 10, 2020.  I will send everything to Marine Borka in one document.  Hopefully, that will make it more consistent and organized.
Semper Fidelis,
Kathy L. Reese, Adjutant
Department of Arizona and
Southwest Division