• As Magic Leap preps for its first developer conference, the focus shifts to content
    Even as Magic Leap has cleared the milestone of its first hardware release, the augmented reality startup still has big challenges ahead as it aims to entice developers to build the content for its wild new device. The $2,295 Magic Leap One headset is a very polished-looking developer kit, but... Read more »
  • Mars orbiter spots silent, dust-covered Opportunity rover as dust storm clears
    Mars rover Opportunity has been operating on the surface of the Red Planet since 2004, but a dust storm this summer may prove to be the mission’s toughest challenge. The enormous storm caked Opportunity in dust and blocked out the sun, its source of energy — and there’s... Read more »
  • Tinder’s ‘Swipe the Vote’ campaign aims to educate young voters and get them to polls
    Tinder has partnered with nonprofit Rock the Vote for a second time, in the hopes of driving young people to the polls through in-app messaging. The company claims a young adult user base where more than half are in the 18 to 24 demographic, and believes it’s well-positioned to... Read more »
  • DoorDash customers say their accounts have been hacked
    Food delivery startup DoorDash has received dozens of complaints from customers who say their accounts have been hacked. Dozens of people have tweeted at @DoorDash with complaints that their accounts had been improperly accessed and had fraudulent food deliveries charged to their account. In many cases, the hackers changed their... Read more »
  • See the new iPhone’s ‘focus pixels’ up close
    The new iPhones have excellent cameras, to be sure. But it’s always good to verify Apple’s breathless onstage claims with first-hand reports. We have our own review of the phones and their photography systems, but teardowns provide the invaluable service of letting you see the biggest changes with your own... Read more »
  • What to expect from Facebook’s big Oculus Connect 5 keynote
    The Oculus Connect 5 conference kicks off tomorrow in San Jose where FB and company will let their latest virtual reality efforts loose and attempt to prove to the world that VR is coming at last and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. Tomorrow is going to be... Read more »
  • Protesters call on Salesforce to end contract with border patrol agency
    A dozen or so people accompanied by a 14-foot, 800-pound cage gathered in downtown San Francisco Tuesday morning to protest Salesforce’s contract with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), the agency within the Department of Homeland Security responsible for enforcing the Trump Administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policy. Today is the first day of Dreamforce,... Read more »
  • The new era in mobile
    Joe Apprendi Contributor Joe Apprendi is a general partner at Revel Partners. More posts by this contributor Big data’s humble beginnings A future dominated by autonomous vehicles (AVs) is, for many experts, a foregone conclusion. Declarations that the automobile will become the next living room are almost as common — but, they are imprecise. In... Read more »
  • Hear from investors at General Catalyst, FirstMark and Shasta at TC Sessions: AR/VR
    The worlds of augmented reality and VR theoretically represent a boundless expanse for startups looking to create a new digital future. Realizing that future is the tough part, and doing so while Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple all look to plant their flags is even harder. While plenty of investors... Read more »
  • Live streams of karate and niche sports are terrifying major sports leagues
    Of the 100 most-watched live telecasts in the US in 2005, 14 were sporting events; in 2015, sporting events comprised 93 of the top 100 telecasts. That shift occurred because TV shows are shifting to online or on-demand viewing, and live broadcasts of the biggest sports are the main thing... Read more »