The Eagle Scout program was established to honor the Boy Scout who achieves the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout. This is a lot of hard work on the part of the Scout and only approximately 3% of the boys who join the Boy Scouts ever achieve that rank.

If you are working with the Boy Scout and he has attained the rank of Eagle Scout, you will find an application in the forms section of this website to request the recognition for your Boy Scout. .

There are two ways that you can request recognition for your Scout. Send a request to Marine Corps League Headquarters or download the application, fill it out and e-mail or mail it to the Liaison listed on the bottom of the application. Requests sent to our National Headquarters are forwarded back to the California Commandant for forwarding to the California Department Eagle Scout Liaison. This takes longer than sending the application direct to the Department Liaison.

When a request for recognition is received by the liaison, the request or application is examined to make sure the information is sufficient to issue the Certificates. It helps if a local contact is included with the request in case something is missing. It also helps if the requests are received with as much advance notice as possible after the date for the Court of Honor has been set. That date and the Scouts Official Eagle Date are used on the Certificates.

If the location of the Court of Honor is near a Detachment, and the application indicates the Troop would like to have a presentation of the certificates, the Liaison contacts the closest Detachment to ask if they would be able to make the presentation. The process continues from there with the Detachment representative exchanging information with the Troop representative and then leaving it up to the Detachment to follow through.

If the Detachment contacted does not have their own Eagle Scout program but the Troop would like a presentation of the Award by a Detachment, the Eagle Scout Liaison prepares the required certificates and forwards them to the presenting Detachment.

Some Detachments do have a local recognition program of their own.

There is no intention to interfere with whatever the Detachment has in place for their Eagle Scout Program. However, two reports are needed from the Detachment. One report is needed no later than January 10, and another by July 15. The Detachment report should include a listing of the Eagle Scout names and troop numbers for each half of the year separately and be forwarded to the liaison a week or so before the due dates. The Detachment list will be added to the Department summary report that is furnished to the National Eagle Scout Program Chairman.